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Cars, boats, trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, if you drive it, we can help you to insure it. With more than 20 top insurance companies to choose from, we find you the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. There's a lot to consider when shopping for insurance, and to get the best price you have to know the right questions to ask. You won't know how hard we work for you though because we make it simple and convenient.
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Car Insurance Just Got Better!

And we're here to show you why

Ask yourself this question:
How much money could you save on car insurance if the insurance company did not spend millions and millions of dollars on silly TV ads?
Answer: A Lot!
More importantly, if you aren't shopping with many companies, you are losing money! You came to the right place! We sell insurance for many insurance companies and we know how to to get the best price from them. You won't have to look any further because we'll do the shopping for you. Don't buy a stripped down car insurance policy from a TV ad. We'll get you more insurance protection for less money. Just click the button below and we'll guide you to a successful finish.

Boats Float!

Your Boat Insurance Shouldn't Sink You

Do you have a row boat, canoe, inboard cabin cruiser, sail boat, jet-ski or some other kind of boat? Boats are treasured possessions and a great source of enjoyment, but they carry all the risks of driving a car, and add a few new concerns as well. With most boats you need an insurance policy specifically designed for your boat. You need protection for
  • damage to your boat or motor, including collision with an underwater object
  • damage to your trailer
  • injury to yourself, your passengers, your boating gear
  • personal liability arising from the use of the boat
  • pollution, and more
Does your current policy cover you for pollution? Many boat policies don't. All it takes is a mistake at the marina with the gas pump to find yourself with a huge expense for environmental cleanup. We've seen it happen many times.
We can help you insure your watercraft, from Jetski to Yacht. Ask us for a quote on your boat insurance before you start that engine!

Other Motorized Vehicles (Toys)

Your Homeowner Policy Is Not Enough

Snowmobiles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Gators, Golf Carts, Motorized Bicycles, Trail Bikes - all of these types of vehicles need their own insurance policy. These vehicles are not licensed for use on public roads or water, but they rarely stay on your property.
Unless you have a special insurance policy for these "toys", damage to (or theft of) these vehicles will not normally be covered by any other insurance that you might have. Worse yet, when you drive a vehicle away from your home, you won't normally have any insurance protection for injury to others or damage to their property caused by the use of these "toys." We can help you get these vehicles insured and won't charge you an arm and a leg to do it!
Click the button below and we'll help you put your mind at ease - so you can go have some fun!

Motorcycles: Enjoy the Ride!

Enjoy it more with the right insurance

On-road or off-road, motorcycles are about freedom and fun. If you're an experienced and responsible motorcycle enthusiast, you take your riding seriously. But accidents can happen to the best riders, and that's when you need the right insurance policy in place. We're here to help you find the best quality coverages at the best price. Motorcycle insurance policies can include coverage for custom parts and equipment, such as:
  • electronic equipment, antennas and other related devices
  • Sidecars
  • Trailers designed to be pulled behind a motorcycle or off-road vehicle
  • Trike conversion kits
  • Custom paint, custom plating or custom exhaust
  • Safety riding apparel, including helmets.
The motorcycle insurance companies that we use are the biggest in the nation, insuring more than 1 of every 3 motorcycles on the road. There's a reason. Get a quote and find out!

Antique and Classic Cars

Insurance for your Objects of Affection

Antique and classic cars are near and dear to our hearts. 85 years ago Al Bourdeau began his career selling car insurance from the trunk of his 1915 Buick automobile. We still insure these same cars today but they are now precious collectors items. These cars are called Antique or Classic Autos. Al Bourdeau began a tradition that our Agency has carried on since its beginning. We love collector cars!
  • Antique autos are cars/trucks that are over 25 years old.
  • Classic cars are vehicles that are less than 25 years old, but that attract special interest.
  • Street Rods/Custom Automovbiles are cars that have been modified in ways that increase performance or change the appearance from the original stock vehicle.
All of these vehicles are used primarily for car club shows, activities, and cruises. A special policy is needed to properly protect your collector vehicle. It costs less to insurance antique and classic cars because they are drive limited miles, much less than the typical family car, and are stored insure secure garages.
Because of the unique value and use of these cars, a special antique/classic auto insurance policy is preferred to obtain the best and lowest cost insurance. An agreed value policy is needed to ensure that the true value of the car is protected in the event of loss or damage.
Because we insure so many collector cars, we have helped to create a special program that can help to on the insurance for your family car when you insure your classic car through us.
Cruise with confidence by getting a price quote on your classic auto insurance today.

Bringing your home with you!

Travel Trailers, Motor Homes, Camper Trailers

Unless you have a specialized recreational vehicle insurance policy you could be in for an disappointing experience if you have a loss with your RV. Be sure you know what protection you will have before you add your RV to your Auto or Homeowner's policies. You may not have protection for such items as appliances, plumbing or accessories. Emergency expenses incurred while traveling could come out of your own pocket. Be sure your Rv policy provides these protections:
  • Total Loss Replacement - motorhome is destroyed within its first five model years, you get a brand new motorhome
  • Special coverages for collision with low branch or Overhang
  • Vacation liability
  • Accessories coverage
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