Home Sweet Home

Good insurance is the foundation

Whether your home is a house you own or rent, an apartment or condominium, or a mobile home, you have a lot of money and hard work tied up in your home, furniture, and other personal belongings. Home insurance lessens the hardship of damage to, or loss of, your things. But equally important is the protection it offers you for damage or injuries that might become your legal responsibility. Law suits arising from dog bites, slip and fall accidents, play injuries, serving of alcohol, and many other situations are commonplace. Your home insurance policy can be designed to protect you from these kinds of risks.
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Home Owner Protection

Enjoy your home. Don't fear it!

Owning a home is the American dream. Don't let it become a nightmare with shoddy insurance. Our homeowner insurance policies can be designed to fit your lifestyle.
You can buy replacement cost as an additional coverage to protect your home and belongings. Special coverage is available for items such as antiques, cameras, computers, and other items of special importance. Personal liability coverage protects you and your family living in your home for bodily injury and property damage for which you may be legally responsible.
Save up to 40%, and sometimes more, if you:
  • insure your car and home with the same insurance company
  • are a non-smoker
  • have approved and active smoke and burglar alarms
  • have dead-bolt locks on all entrance doors
  • have fire extinguishers
Our agents will help you understand coverage options and advantages and will work with you to identify opportunities for discounts and other cost saving tips. Don't waste any more time. Have us give you a quote now!

Condominiums Simplify Life

Keep it simple with our insurance products

As an owner of a condominium you have quite unique insurance protection needs. Your condominium association may or may not provide the insurance on your building structure. There is always a questions as to whether or what portion of the interior of your condominium is protected by the Association's building structure policy. There are also possible Association assessments and other items that need special insurance protection.
Have us help you figure out what's needed. We'll help you find what you need and at a price that will astound you. Click below to get started.

Renting a Home or Apartment

Your stuff is only half of the concern

Whether you rent a house, mobile home, condominium, or apartment, you have as much need for a home insurance policy as a homeowner. As a renter, your policy should:
  • protect your furniture, clothing, and personal effects
  • protect you against lawsuits
Don't kid yourself into thinking that you won't ever face a lawsuit, or that there's no reason why anyone would sue you. You could be sued because someone slipped and fell in your rental home, your dog could bite a visitor, or while fishing that beautiful cast could catch someone in the eye. The personal liability protection offered by your renters policy, including when away from your premise.
The Renter Insurance Policy is an important insurance policy - contact us for more information or click below to get a quote started!

Protect your Mobile Home

And keep more money in your pocket

A mobile homerowner policy provides insurance for your mobile home, the personal property of you and your family, as well as personal liability protection. There is much more insurance protection included. Click on the button below to learn more. We'll help you figure out how to effectively insure your mobile home and save some money in the process!
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