Health Care

For your employees, your family, yourself

Affordable health care cost and a quality health care plan can be a challenge for businesses, families, and individuals. We have the ability to offer you a health care plan that best meets your needs. We offer plans by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Plus, HAP, Aetna, and more.
You can select health care plans that fit your budget and provides quality in patient hospital care and doctor services across the U.S.A. Select your need from the menu above, or just give us a call to talk, and we'll get started!

Employee Benefits

Increase Productivity and Employee Retention

You need your employees to focus on their job, but concerns over the availability and cost of health care for themselves and their families can be more than a major distraction. Worries and time-off can impact the productivity of your employees. A carefully designed health care benefits program is an investment that your employees will value and will also help reduce lost productivity from sickness.
A benefits program can include:
  • health care
  • disability
  • dental/vision coverage
  • health savings accounts or flexible spending plans
  • life insurance
  • long term care
The list goes on and on.
Employee Benefits are essential to the success of most businesses, but it's important that you work with a specialist who can help design a program that balances cost with the right mix of benefits. Call us today or click the link below to start a conversation with one or our benefits professionals.

Life Insurance

It's for the people that depend on you.

Life Insurance is to protect those who you love, or who depend on you from financial difficulty when you die. Life insurance is for the living.
There are many ways to purchase life insurance, ranging from temporary life insurance which protects from your death if it occurs during a defined period of time, to permanent life insurance which is designed to be in force until your death and accumulates a cash value over time.
The cost is often less than you might think, and the value is something you can enjoy now when you look in the eyes of your loved ones. Contact us now or click the button below to learn more about the options.

Personal Health Insurance

Invest in your health

If you are self-employed or your employer does not offer health care, you can still purchase health insurance for yourself or your family. We offer a wide variety of plans with different benefits and different prices. You decide how to best manage your health care costs, and we'll design the plan to make it happen.
Call us today or click on the button below to get started.

Disability Insurance

Easily overlooked. More likely to be needed.

Disability insurance could actually be more important than life insurance. The loss of income that a family can experience if the key wage earner becomes disabled can be devastating.
  • You fall from a ladder while painting your home and, land on your tail bone sustaining a painful and debilitating back injury.
  • While camping, a log is tossed on the fire and hot embers are splashed into your eyes causing serious damage.
  • You are riding your bicycle, hit some loose gravel, and lose control.
There are many simple causes of serious injuries that can be temporary or permanent. Your health policy may pay for the medical costs, but it won't pay for the loss of income that results from your inability to work. A disability policy can be designed to protect you from such devastating outcomes. It may be one of the most important insurance policies you ever buy.

Long Term Care

Professional care can drain resources

As people grow older, the possibility of an extended stay in a nursing home or the need for 24/7 care becomes an increasing concern. Such care is not unlikely and can be extremely expensive. Without long term care insurance, when the need arises the options to provide care for a parent can be extremely limited:
  • quit your job
  • deplete your life savings
  • some variation on the above.
The need can't be ignored. The cost of long term care can be covered by a long term care insurance policy, and with careful design can provide options for quality care for a parent or yourself while preserving financial stability. Learn more about the options. Click the button below to start a conversatin with us today.
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