Business Happens

We want you to be prepared

  • Your driver says he's sure he closed the swinging doors on his truck and shut them tight. Maybe he did.... but the swing doors opened and hit a parked car, a pick-up truck, and two SUV's. No one was hurt but who pays for all the damage?
  • Your business sells electric power supplies that are in tight supply. The season of high-demand is now, and a big snow caused the roof of your warehouse to collapse.
  • A serious auto crash was caused by a defective wheel cylinder, one that you sold to the repair garage that installed them. Now you are named in a lawsuit along with the manufacturer of the wheel cylinders. How much does a good defense attorney charge?
No matter how careful you are things happen. Buildings burn; inventory gets damaged; vandals destroy; people get hurt; equipment hits things that it shouldn't. When things go wrong, your insurance can make it right.
We will make the process of buying Business Insurance as easy as possible by reviewing your business needs. Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency works with many excellent insurance companies for commercial insurance. Our agents will draw from this large set of choices to help you design an insurance package of protection at the best price.
We'll review your business operation and work with you to develop an effective insurance program. Pick one of the types of businesses from the menu above and we'll get started!


A great insurance program is an essential ingredient

Operating a successful restaurant is a tough job. Insuring them properly is our job.
For more than 30 years we have considered restaurants one of our fortes. This experience helps us in identifying the unique risks you have and gives us the credibility in getting you the best price with our restaurant insurers.
We help take the fear of an unexpected insurance claim by helping you understand coverage such as:
  • food contamination shut down,
  • food spoilage coverage,
  • equipment breakdown coverage,
  • off premise power failure, and
  • food borne illness.
as well as all of the basic coverages for your property, general liability, business income, liquor liability. We have helped hundreds of restaurants cut their workers compensation costs by over 40% by using our unique programs. Give us a chance to help you today!

Retail Businesses

Insurance on sale 365 days a year

Retail businesses have very unique risks that need attention. Protection for the property you sell is just the beginning.
  • Your retail business needs protection for your business income in the event that the business is shut down because of power failure, fire, or one of the many daily risks.
  • There are times that the inventory you sell is substantially higher than other times of the year.
  • Lawsuit protection is very important in the event someone is injured in your store because of an item you sold them.
  • Then there is hold-up and robbery as well as dishonest employees who steal your money.
And don't forget about Workers compensation, umbrella liability, vehicles used in business, not to mention the health, disability, and other special insurances your retail business may need.
Learn more from our experienced agents.

Property Managers

Our Lessors get more for their money

So you own or manage real estate that is for sale or lease?
A terrazzo floor looks pretty but it is slippery when wet. If someone slips in your building, you better not have slipped up on the right insurance.
Your lawn maintenance person keeps your beautiful office building lawn pretty and trim. But today that mower sent a stone flying. They eye injury it caused to a passing pedestrian is serious. So is the amount of money that it might cost you. Do you have the right amount of insurance?
Most big buildings are protected with automatic file sprinkler systems. Fire is not your worry, right? Wrong! What if the water that puts out the small fire also puts out your building tenant's valuable computer and their business records?
Things happen, no matter how careful you are. When things go wrong, you need the proper insurance to make hings right. Learn more.

Apartment Complexes

Not too complex for us to insure

Insurance programs for apartment buildings and complexes have historically experienced large swings in premium from year to year - a source of instability and distress for many apartment owners. We represent a wide array of insurance companies that specialize in apartments. They understand the your business and are able to tailor both price and coverage to your specific needs. We have been especially effective at insuring:
  • apartment complexes,
  • student housing, and
  • subsidized housing.
Put us to work today in pricing an insurance program for your facility!

Business Offices

Doctors, Engineers, Realtors, Other Services


We have been helping small tool and manufacturing businesses with their insurance for over 80 years. We can provide the insurance program for your special manufacturing business. For the manufacturing of all types of products including building, special tools, equipment, computers and robots we have programs. Coverages can include product liability, trucks, workers compensation, machine breakdown, key supplier protection, protection for property of others on your premises in your care, and many others.
What if you have a severe fire and your large finished product was still in your shipping area ready for delivery? Do you lose all your hard work as well as your selling price profit?
We can help protect what you don't want to lose.

Builders Know Us

We'll help you stay safely in budget

  • You have big equipment - and it is all listed on your insurance policy.
    Problem: fire destroyed everything, including a whole lot of small stuff, too small to list. But it all adds up to a lot of money - a big loss for you!
  • Your friend is a good guy. He lets you borrow his almost new trencher. Your employee wrecks the trencher and damages a lot of underground wires. Ouch! Your friend wants his trencher - now and in working condition. You don't even want to know what was damaged underground.
  • You hire an "independent contractor" to install a roof. Unbeknownst to you he had his brother-in-law help him on the roof job. You do know that the brother-in-law fell off the roof. There are a lot of medical bills. Did you and the independent contractor have the right insurance?
You've heard these and many other stories before, and you know they are typical. What's also typical is that they are often not properly covered. We've insured many contractors and can help you to more completely predict these kinds of coverage that you'll need. We'll also help you to earn discounts on your insurance with safety seminars for you and your employees. We can assemble a complete package for all aspects of your projects, including bonds, builder's risk, equipment, workers compensation, and many other important protections. Put us to work today and get your projects back on track.

Other Types of Businesses

Can't list everything, but we can insure any business.

Yes we can! We can provide insurance for your business, no matter what you do.
  • Business office
  • auto junkyard bakery
  • bookstore
  • glass shop
  • golf course
  • collision repair
  • boat builder
  • engineer
  • hardware store
  • excavator
  • well drilling
No matter what you build, sell, manufacture, service, or repair, we can provide the insurance you need.
Click on the button below to put us to work for you. We're in the business of putting a smile of the face of our customers. Let us demonstrate!

Wholesalers and Warehouses

Whole-istic Insurance Solutions

Business property you own as well as property that you do not own - but you store in your warehouse or sell to others, has special risks that need special protection.
You could cause damage to property of others that you do not own, or the building that you lease. Lawsuits can be very expensive tp defend, especially if you did not have the correct business liability insurance to protect your business.
Often, the careless actions of other businesses near your business can damage your property or interrupt your business income. You need protection against hazards that could cause your business big losses.

Jewelry Stores

Protect every facet of your business

As you know, Jewelers have insurance needs far greater than most other business owners. You need protections for your business operation as well as your valuable merchandise, and jewelry of others in your care.
Ordinary business insurance will not properly protect your jewelry business. You need a Jewelers Block Policy that protects your business and jewelry against the theives and hazards of your trade.
Prompt, fair claims handling by professional claims people who know the jewelry business and the jeweler insurance policy is crucial.
We bring you the finest jewelry insurance business policy protection available.

Trade Contractors

40 trades. 40 insurance needs.

Electricians, plumbers, painters, drywall installers, there are over 40 different trade classes with 40 different specialized insurance needs.
  • Installation covers materials located at the job site, in your vehicle, and at storage locations
  • Tools can be lost or stolen on the job
  • Equipment you own or rent to do you job needs to be protected
  • Care, Custody, and Control. You've heard this term if you've been in the building trades for very long. You may need a limited amount of this protection.
Get the special coverages you need from that agent that can help you best.
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